Fleece Coats for dogs

Dog Fleece Coats
Fleece dog coats are the perfect choice for dogs with short fur or missing underfur. Normally, your dog’s undercoat protects them from the cold. These days, there are a lot of bred races that are missing this natural fur. A fleece dog coat must now accept this responsibility and protect your dog, as soon as it gets colder outside.

Fleece dog coats keep your pet warm

The bigger part of our four-legged friends love to be outdoors with their owners a lot. Here, they can play at their pleasure and should run as much as possible. Such a dog coat must not impede their movement. At the same time, it should adapt to the body closely. Our coats for big and small quadrupeds meet all these requirements. Fleece proves to be flexible and sturdy at the same time. It stores your dog’s heat, is breathable and easy to clean in the washing machine, using low temperatures. The coat withstands light rain showers. A side-zip makes equipping and un-equipping easy. Reflexive stripes increase your dog’s visibility, when it gets dusky outside.

Fleece dog coats for a high wearing comfort

Fleece dog coats do not only stand out because of their high-quality fabric, but also because of their leg warmers. These leg warmers will protect pets, that use to feel their bones and joints, as soon as it gets cold, from arthropathies much better. At the same time, such a fleece dog coat proves to be light and, thus, comfortable to wear. The dog will get used to it quickly.

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