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Winter Coats for dogs

Dog Winter Coats
A dog winter coat, which protects from the cold and wet, is no superfluous or purely fashionable piece of clothing, but a useful acquirement for your dog’s health. Many races are bred to have a fur that uses to be short and easy to clean, leaving them few and fewer of their naturally warming undercoat. Especially short races prove to look pitiful on cold days. A warming coat means a true benefaction to these dogs.

A dog winter coat protects and warms your dog

Furthermore, dog winter coats protects your pet’s sensitive joints. Elder or sick dogs have to go outdoors every day, just the same way dogs that are in rude health do – but they need a reliable care-giving of their hurting parts. Then, the both of you will trouble-freely be able to walk longer courses than just around the block.

Dog winter coats are perfect for trekking tours

We have different dog winter coats for different weather types and degrees of cold available. Do you love softshell jackets yourself? Purchase a suitable dog coat to have a fitting outfit for the both of you. Or do you like to be on wild trekking tours a lot? We recommend the scratchproof model for new paths and courses through the underwood. Your dog's breast and belly will be protected, just as their back. Some coats come with sleeves. This way, your darling’s breast is kept warm and supported by the breathable material. The custom-fit manufacture and fabric’s modelling capacity make sure, the coats perfectly adapt to the body and still offer enough mobility. Which dog winter coat do you like the most?