Safety vests for dogs

Dog Safety Vests
Hi-vis vests and flashing lights: more safety at dusk and dawn – dog safety vests are in demand, whenever you go for a walk with your four-legged friend at twilight or night. Especially dark pets will be hardly visible. If your four-legged friend likes to go through the underwood on their own, you will not be able to see them, even if they have bright fur. Especially the conditions in autumn’s fog are difficult.

Signal colors for more safety

Equipped with a hi-vis vest, you will always be on the safe site. As a signal color, it is designed in a warm orange tone, thus it will glow visibly, even within greater distances. Additionally, the reflectors increase visibility, which is especially important in the traffic, for instance. Your dog will not only need such a vest for operations in the mountains or forest, but also for long hikes and shorter walks which take place after dark.

Hi-vis vests for high visibility

Your darling will manage this hi-vis vest well. It is light and sturdy. It withstands the underwood and other dogs paws and teeth. Furthermore, it can be attached in just a few simple steps and fits tightly on your pet’s fur. The vest has a durable design that protects from the rain among other things. And the vest can surely be cleaned easily. Also, hunters gain from it. They will be able to see their partners within far distances. Does your dog have to wear a flashing light? It increases their safety and visibility and can be adjusted to pulse light and permanent light. The safety light gets attached to the hi-vis vest’s loop, it can glow in three different colors - red, blue and green.

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