Dog boots are an extra protection

Dog Boots
Quadrupeds with dog boots are nothing we are used to see on our streets every day. However, those, who like to be on the go with their dogs across country, know about the problems that can accompany such a tour: a sharp stone or a piece of glass could cause a cut in your dog’s paws and hurt them badly. The dog will only be able to move with pain. Dirt that might touch the wound can extend the process of healing. Dog boots are a great help for cases like these.

Protection for sensitive paws

Your dog is not in the mood to go for a walk or even a trekking tour? Check their paws for splinters, grazes and cuts. Road salt is also very bad for their sensitive paws. Our dog shoes have thick soles and protect your four-legged friend from getting hurt. They fit well and provide sufficient flexibility. The soles are skid-proof, thus you will be safe to cross rough terrains or go for a walk, when there is ice and snow. They also protect your dog’s paws from painful snow balls between their pads.

Dog boots for a perfect fitting

Your best friend will get used to these shoes quickly. Accustom him to each shoe: start with the hindpaw and dress each paw separately, let him get used to it. They will notice, the shoes protect them and enable them to walk more comfortably. You can order the shoes in a pair of two or four and choose the right size. Dog socks are a good basis for an even better support. They can offer an extra protection, while wearing a bandage, for instance.

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