Non-Stop Dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0

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Non-Stop Dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0: orange dog life jacket for more safety

Swimming is fun and healthy. This is true for you as well as for your four-legged friend. But just like you, a dog can get cramps or tired after being in the water for a long time, no matter how much he likes swimming or how well he swims. For such cases, the Safe Life Jacket 2.0 in its new edition by Non-Stop Dogwear is a valuable aid. When you need to pull your four-legged friend out of the water, you use the sturdy handle on the back. The firm buckles on the chest easily withstand the pull. The straps under the chest ensure good distribution of the forces that act when lifting out. The mesh material on the chest prevents water from collecting here.

Highly visible in orange and buoyancy elements on the neck

When you put the Non-Stop Dogwear dog life jacket on your dog, you can optimise its fit at the neck and chest and tighten it all again later. The buoyancy elements on the neck make it easier for your best friend to keep his head above water. He can also use the waistcoat to train his swimming technique. There are rings on the sides that can be used as resistance during training or to change direction when swimming. In addition, the Safe Life Jacket 2.0 has a ring on the back. Here you click in a long leash, for example when you are out on a boat and your dog would like to take a bath. When not in use, the leash is stored in the pocket on the back of the dog life jacket. The Non-Stop Dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0 comes in bright orange and also has reflective material. This means that your pet can always be seen in the water, even from a distance. The dog life jacket is available in sizes 2 to 7 and depends on the weight of your dog.
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Non-Stop Dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0

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Size Dog's Weight
2 1.5-7 kg / 3.3 - 15.4 lbs
3 2.5-10 kg / 5.5 - 22.0 lbs
4 5-20 kg / 11.0 - 44.1 lbs
5 10-30 kg / 22.0 - 66.1 lbs
6 15-40 kg / 33.1 - 88.2 lbs
7 20-50 kg / 44.1 - 110.2 lbs
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