Non-Stop Dogwear Protector Dog Booties

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Highly cut and tear resistant

Protector Booties by Non-Stop Dogwear: Dog booties protect sensitive soles - Does your dog have extremely sensitive soles? Does he often cut himself on broken glass or sharp stones while out and about? In most cases, the Protector Booties from Non-Stop Dogwear are the answer. These are high-quality dog shoes that are so soft that the dog has a good grip; on the other hand, they are highly resistant to cuts and tears. These shoes for dogs do not have any seams on the inside, they do not scratch or pinch. They are fastened with an elastic velcro strap that holds the shoes securely to the paw. With these Protector Booties you can finally run over paths and footbridges again, go Bikejoring or Dog Scootering.

Non-slip and waterproof

The basic material of the dog shoes from Non-Stop Dogwear is dipped in nitro rubber. This special feature makes the shoes non-slip and waterproof. At the same time, they do not hinder your sweetheart at all. Another place to use them: a walk over hot asphalt. The shoes protect the soles, because your dog often finds the heat on the soles very uncomfortable. Some dogs can't walk on them at all. The sand on the beach, charged with the heat of the sun, can also cause pain. In winter, it is the gritted salt that attacks the soles. Likewise, the small gravel stones in a stream bed between the toes are unpleasant: on the one hand for your dog, on the other hand for you, because you have to carefully remove them. The Protector Booties from Non-Stop Dogwear protect in all these cases.
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Non-Stop Dogwear Protector Dog Booties

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