Non-Stop Dogwear Glacier Wool Jacket

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Glacier Wool Jacket by Non-Stop Dogwear: the ideal dog coat for difficult weather conditions

If the weather conditions are really difficult and you still want to run around outside, the Glacier Wool Jacket from Non-Stop Dogwear is the perfect dog coat for your four-legged friend. Among other materials, wool is used as the inner layer. This keeps your dog particularly warm and is breathable. It does not freeze or get wet in cold or wet conditions. To prevent water from accumulating on your pet's chest, rubberised mesh fabric is also incorporated into the sides of the dog coat. The recycled ECO synthetic material in the middle layer is lightweight and insulating. The water-repellent outer layer is reinforced in sensitive areas, increasing protection against the cold. With the Glacier Wool Jacket from Non-Stop Dogwear, you can both be outside longer, even when it's very cold.

Even when it gets very windy, the jacket fits perfectly

Of course, this coat has adjustment mechanisms to fit your dog so that it can be individually adjusted. Even when it gets very windy, the jacket fits perfectly. There is a hypalon loop on the back to attach the leash to the collar or harness. Do not use this loop to hook the leash directly into it. You will not be able to hold the dog when things get serious, and the dog's coat could be damaged. Another important detail are the reflectors that make your pet visible in the dark. The Non-Stop Dogwear Glacier Wool Jacket is available in sizes 6XS to 5XL. It is completely black and looks great on any dog and any coat colour, no matter what size. The equipment also includes a mesh bag in which the coat for dogs can be easily stored when it is not needed.
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Non-Stop Dogwear Glacier Wool Jacket

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Size Back length
6XS 18-23 cm / 7.1 - 9.1 in
5XS 21-26 cm / 8.3 - 10.2 in
4XS 24-29 cm / 9.4 - 11.4 in
3XS 26-30 cm / 10.2 - 11.8 in
2XS 28-34 cm / 11.0 - 13.4 in
XS 32-38 cm / 12.6 - 15.0 in
S 36-42 cm / 14.2 - 16.5 in
M 40-46 cm / 15.7 - 18.1 in
L 45-50 cm / 17.7 - 19.7 in
XL 48-56 cm / 18.9 - 22.0 in
2XL 53-61 cm / 20.9 - 24.0 in
3XL 58-64 cm / 22.8 - 25.2 in
4XL 62-76 cm / 24.4 - 29.9 in
5XL 72-83 cm / 28.3 - 32.7 in
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