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Meat Love FUEL PALEO NO. 2: Vitalizer Deer & Rabbit
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Fleischeslust FUEL PALEO NO. 2 Vitalizer Deer & Rabbit

Meat Love FUEL PALEO NO. 2: Vitalizer Deer & Rabbit
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For a vital and strong dog

This wet food menu gives your beloved dog an extra kick of energy. With this formula he can unfold his full vitality and strength. The freshly processed deer and rabbit meat is particularly low in fat and cholesterol. Coconut fat is currently on everyone's lips and not without reason: in addition to its countless positive properties, it is also particularly metabolically stimulating. Coconut fat and the contained beetroots protect and strengthen the heart and blood vessels. Beetroot is a true folic acid booster, a deficiency of which can lead to anemia and cardiovascular diseases. The enclosed raspberry leaves have an astringent effect and are famous for their stimulating properties. As a source of energy, hemp seeds are the star and supply natural antioxidants. It'll really revitalize your sweetheart.

Healthy, beautiful and energetic

High protein, low carb and gluten-free - these are the most important characteristics of PALEO. This form of nutrition is very much in trend and is already widely used in human nutrition. The new food concept has quickly gained a foothold worldwide, especially in the sports and fitness scene. With the FUEL line Meat Love now also offers a nutritional alternative for dogs. PALEO is about eating as originally and as clean as possible. Based on the model of prehistoric times. You will also find Jerusalem artichoke in the list of ingredients, which is particularly inulin-rich. This is a dietary fibre which increases the absorption of magnesium and calcium and ensures that minerals are stored. Jerusalem artichoke also builds up the intestinal flora and promotes digestion. Feeding this sort is also ideal for dogs with liver or kidney disease.

Feeding recommendation/day:
adult dog of normal weight:
5 kg: 200g - 300g, 10 kg: 500g - 600g, 20 kg: 800g - 950g, 30 kg: 1,000g - 1,400g divided into two meals
Approximate values, to be tailored to your dog´s exercise, activity, race, metabolism, season.

80% meat from deer and rabbit (30% deer meat, 20% rabbit heart, 15% rabbit meat, 10% deer lung, 5% deer liver), 3.3% Jerusalem artichoke, 3% beetroot, 3% pumpkin, coconut oil, linseed oil, sea salt, hemp seed, pumpkin seed, raspberry leaves, ground hazelnut, psyllium, rosehip powder, brewer´s yeast, eggshell powder, yucca root extract

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 10.4%, crude fat 7.9%, crude ash 1.5%, crude fibre 1.6%, moisture 75.6%, carbohydrates 3.0%

Energetic feed value:
114 kcal / 100g. Ca/Ph 1.33:1

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