Line Harness by Non-Stop Dogwear

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Reduces pulling on the leash

The Line Harness from Non-Stop Dogwear reduces tugging on the leash. Does your dog like to pull on the leash and can't be weaned off? With this dog harness with leash attachment on the chest you will most likely succeed (only available from size 4 and up). There is an orange loop on the chest. If you hook a leash here, your dog will not be able to pull as wildly as he can successfully with a collar or a normal harness and leash. Once your four-legged friend is used to the Line Harness and notices that he cannot (and may not) pull anymore, you hook the leash to the super strong stainless steel ring on the back. If your dog does not follow your will, you continue training with him via the orange loop.

Choose from four bright colours

The Line Harness is soft padded and even has a third eyelet in the belly area. So you can try out various functions and see how your darling reacts. Nine sizes and four bright colours are available. The Line Harness from Non-Stop Dogwear is easy to handle and has reflectors on both sides. So you are also well visible in the twilight. It is extremely robust and you can also use it for sports, but this harness is not a pulling harness as you need it for example for Joring. For this purpose we offer you special harnesses, lines and belts in our shop. Happy browsing!
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Line Harness by Non-Stop Dogwear

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Size Neck Girth
1 20-26 cm / 8-10 in 25-46 cm / 10-18 in
2 26-29 cm / 10-11 in 33-60 cm / 13-24 in
3 29-31 cm / 11-12 in 35-63 cm / 14-25 in
4 31-34 cm / 12-14 in 48-69 cm / 19-27 in
5 34-41 cm / 13-16 in 49-75 cm / 19-30 in
6 41-48 cm / 16-19 in 50-83 cm / 20-33 in
7 48-52 cm / 19-20 in 53-92 cm / 21-36 in
8 52-58 cm / 20-23 in 56-106 cm / 22-42 in
9 58-64 cm / 23-25 in 60-114 cm / 24-45 in
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