Free Motion H-Back Harness by Non-Stop Dogwear

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Non-Stop Dogwear Free Motion for full freedom of movement

The Non-Stop Dogwear Free Motion Harness has been specially developed to give your dog freedom of movement, with optimum transmission of power. This is made possible through the H-shaped back straps and an innovative technique that creates the ideal pulling point. It utilizes a so-called H-Back Harness, which is individually adjustable at the side strips and at the end point. The Free Motion Harness is available in eight different sizes, and additionally, each can be individually adjusted to the dog. They maintain perfect breathing during mushing because the airways remain completely free. We are trusted by the best dog athletes from all around the world, including dog sledding athletes, as well as athletes from dog scootering, skijoring, canicross, and bikejoring.

This H-Back Harness can be adapted to every shape of dog

The tow point is adjusted to the length of the dog's back, and the lower back acts as a shock absorber. The athlete should make adjustments carefully, since incorrect settings may result in fatigue and possible injury. This joring harness is perfect for all dogs with every anatomy, not only sled dogs. Because of the individually adjustable size it can be adapted to every shape and size of dog. The reare piece should be located at the beginning of the tail. The Non-Stop Dogwear Free Motion Harness is available in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 for dogs between 10 to 45 kg and heavier and with a neck size between 25 and 59 cm. Each size can be adjusted individually. The color marking on the back straps depends on the size: 3 = Olive, 4 = Yellow, 5 = Red, 6 = Blue, 7 = White, 8 = Green und 9 = Orange.
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Free Motion H-Back Harness by Non-Stop Dogwear

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Size Weight Neck
3 10-14 kg / 22-31 lbs 25-29 cm / 10-11 in
4 14-20 kg / 31-44 lbs 29-33 cm / 11-13 in
5 20-26 kg / 44-57 lbs 33-37 cm / 13-14 in
6 25-30 kg / 55-66 lbs 37-41 cm / 14-16 in
7 28-35 kg / 62-77 lbs 41-45 cm / 16-18 in
8 35-40 kg / 77-80 lbs 45-51 cm / 18-20 in
9 40-45 kg / 80-99 lbs 51-55 cm / 20-22 in
10 > 45 kg / > 99lbs 55-59 cm / 22-23 in
Sizechart Free Motion H-Back Joring Harness by Non-Stop Dogwear

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