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Skijor Pulling Harnesses

Skijoring Pulling Harnesses
Skijoring puts a lot of strain on the materials of your equipment. Therefore, it is important that you are well equipped. A conventional dog harness is completely unsuitable for dog joring. Imagine the strong forces acting on the harness when your dog pulls you for miles with full force.

The best harnesses for skijoring

Our harnesses are specially designed for outdoor sports. They are put through their paces by the manufacturers before they are put on sale. On our pages you will therefore only find first-class offers from well-known companies.

Dogs love skijoring. If they are well supplied, they start with you in any weather. Our mushing harnesses are of course perfectly suitable: simply because they are available in many sizes for every type of dog and because they are optimally adapted to the dog's body by appropriate straps. At the same time, these harnesses release the neck and lungs. Your dog can breathe freely even with great efforts. At the end of the harness there is a ring or loop into which the tow line is hooked. Skijoring is a great winter sport, which makes a lot of fun with optimal pulling harnesses.