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Skatejor Set for dog joring

Skatejoring Set
In Skatejoring, you and your dog are on the move pretty fast. It requires some concentration not to take too much risk at high speeds. So that you have a lot of fun and the safety is as high as possible, we recommend Skatejoring sets from well-known manufacturers. In our shop you will find only products, which were successfully tested in action. This puts you in the best position to go on tour at high speed.

Joring Sets for Skatejoring

Dog Joring can quickly become a passion. For the winter as for the summer there are suitable variants. You can do Skatejoring almost all year round, apart from snow and ice ages. The air-filled tyres of the skates can handle almost any surface. Remember not to drive too much on asphalt with your sweetheart. His paws and joints could be permanently damaged; it's like jogging on such hard surfaces all the time.

Fast and safe on the road

By the way, there are also Joring Sets for several dogs. Use a neckline for the collars to keep them on track. And don't forget the Panic Snap, a practical device to separate you from your dog in seconds. Our advice: Never drive without a helmet.