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Helmets for Skatejor

Helmets for Skatejoring
Skatejoring is a modern fun sport that you ply with your dog. For example, you have Skikes and let your four-legged friend pull you off with the help of a long joring line with shock absorbers. The word Skikes consists of skate and bike and refers to skaters equipped with air-filled wheels. So you can also be on the road on more impassable terrain.

Skatejoring: fast skating with dog and helmet

Like any dog sport, skating with your best friend is a fast-paced adventure. We therefore recommend that you wear a helmet. In our online shop you will find the right model that fits snugly to your head but does not restrict it. Ventilation options are an absolute must. A safety lock and adjustable straps are a matter of course. The helmet must also offer you a good view. Look around and contact us if you have any questions or requests. We would be happy to advise you.

Safely on the road with the right commands

Dogs always want to show you how good they are. Teach your best friend some commands and start a new adventure. Skatejoring is certainly a lot of fun for the quadruped and you will experience unimagined speeds - but as already mentioned only with a helmet!