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Tow Lines for Mountainboard

Mountainboard Tow Lines
Stable and functional joring lines are important if, for example, you are a mountain board joring rider. In this pulling dog sport you stand on a board with air-filled tires at the front and rear. You can drive on asphalt, forest roads, gravel and grit. But make sure your dog doesn't just run on asphalt. In the long run, this damages his paws and joints.

Safe joring lines for a demanding sport

Under a good joring line we understand a model that is equipped with a shock absorber. There will always be different forces on the way, because your dog runs a little slower, then faster again; or he runs a little sideways and your vehicle slightly changes the speed. When the line is fully tightened again, there is a stronger jerk, also at the start. This jerk is intercepted via the line. This also applies if you let several dogs pull the mountain board. By the way, we also offer you suitable joring leashes for this purpose.

Fun all year round

Mountainboard Joring is a great all-weather and all-seasons sport. The big tires of the board as well as the bicycle tires take the small obstacles without problems. Take two joring lines to choose from, then you can always clean one.