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Helmets for Mountainboard

Helmets for Mountainboard Joring
Unusual fun with your dog: At Mountainboard Joring you let your best friend pull you while you are standing on a Mountainboard. These boards ride on air-filled tyres so that they can cope on almost any surface. This means for you that you can not only go snowboarding in winter, but also get up to speed in the other seasons as well.

Cool sport with helmet: Mountainboard Joring

However, we strongly recommend to use a helmet for every dog pulling sport. You probably wear it also during the winter months when you take out your snowboard. If your dog pulls you on the Mountainboard, you are both very fast and especially at the beginning there can be uncertainties. Your quadruped has first to learn to pull you. He might run diagonally at the beginning, your board might lose its way.

Safely on the road

Mountainboard Joring is a great adventure for dogs. Finally there's something going on! You're also gonna have a lot of fun and get yourself some exercise. So you both completed an extensive training session at the same time. But always use a helmet, even if you are more experienced.