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Dog Trekking Tow Lines

Dog Trekking Tow Lines

The tow line connects you and your dog optimally

Dog trekking is a variant of the dog joring sport: You are on the way with your dog on long distances. So that you don't have to hold a leash in your hand all the time, there are special tow lines that connect your belt and your dog. So you have your hands free, that helps you for a better rhythm feeling and a better burn. If your dog runs right in front of you, you automatically get faster. It may be some time before you two are well-rehearsed. Your four-legged friend needs to learn to keep a certain pace over a longer distance. It helps him when the tow line is partially tensed so he can feel your connection.

Dog trekking: have fun with your dog on long tours

Dogs love dog trekking. They like to show you what they can do and are eager at work. They're with you and they move around a lot. They like it as much as you do. So that you both have a lot of fun with it, there are special tow lines. They are equipped with a shock absorber that supports you. We also have models for two or three dogs. The leashes are robust and durable, just wipe them off for cleaning.