Dog Trekking Paw ointment

Paw ointment
You are hiking or jogging on long trails? Do you do dog trekking regularly? Then paw care is a must for your dog. I'm sure your friend would love to go with you, he loves the trip as a great adventure. But his paws must be healthy and intact.

Paw care after dog trekking

Even small tears make your dog suffer. They could also become inflamed and destroy further plans for the dog joring sport. On the way, dirt or some small stones may get stuck. The first paw care after a tour should therefore consist of thorough cleaning and inspection. Then you take care of the dog's paws with a good ointment.

Additional paw protection

Dog boots are an effective method of protection. They keep the paws clean and protect the sensitive pads. The boots are easy to clean. They can also be perfectly adapted to the dog. Your darling will quickly get used to it and find that his paws don´t hurt anymore. We offer dog boots in different sizes. You may also want to order dog socks, they are perfect for the pleasant recovery phase after dog trekking.

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