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Dogscootering Bikeantennas

Dogscootering Bikeantenna

Riding safely with a dogscooter bike antenna

Dogscootering is a trend sport, which finds much enthusiasm. You and your dog are on the trail together with a lot of speed and are really exhausted. You need a stable scooter, a healthy dog and a suitable combination of mushing harness and tow line. So that the line does not accidentally get caught in the front wheel of your dogscooter or you roll over it, there are special bikeantennas for safe dog scootering. Depending on the model, these are attached to the head tube of the scooter or centrally on the handlebars and keep the line at a distance from the front wheel.

A bike antenna is indispensable for dog scootering

Every dog scootering bike antenna has its advantages. A KlickFix model is perfect if you use your scooter also without your dog: You can take it off anytime. A model with a flexible joint absorbs additional traction when your four-legged friend unexpectedly brakes sideways for sniffing and minimizes the risk of a fall. A spring-loaded bike antenna also absorbs the movements caused by pulling in curves. It increases your safety, guides the tow line perfectly and is very easy to attach. Contact us if you need professional advice on your new hobby. We're here for you.