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Pulling Harnesses for Canicross

Pulling Harnesses for Canicross
Canicross harnesses for dogs: more running fun with the professional equipment - Canicross is a trend sport, which brings you and your dog on speed. You will need a waist belt, your sweetheart will get a pulling harness and you two will be connected with a two meter long towline. Which Canicross harnesses are suitable for your dog depends above all on its size and physique.

Ergonomic Canicross harnesses

Successful in joring sport with professional equipment - Probably you have already done forest runs with your four-legged friend and held the standard leash in your hand. However, if you want to have more professional running fun, a good dog harness with tow line and waist belt is an essential requirement. That way you have both hands free. Your dog does not feel any pressure on the airways because perfect Canicross harnesses for dogs are ergonomically designed and direct the pulling force from the chest over the sides to the back. Some models also have adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the padded material optimally. Also, your dog will not be hindered in its movement. This is very important for a good Canicross workout, because you will soon get used to each other and achieve a good movement speed. A really good pulling harness for dogs is therefore the basis.

Harnesses for dogs with ideal pulling point

The pull point of our Canicross harnesses is ideal for your dog and does not burden him at all. He'll feel your connection when the leash is tightened. This gives him the certainty that he is doing everything correctly and that the path is right; after all, he has to run in front of you during Canicross and does not see you. With a perfectly adapted dog harness and some practice, you may soon be taking part in a competition in the dog joring sport. Not sure which harness is right for your dog? Let us advise you!