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Joring Belts for Canicross

Joring Belts for Canicross
Run comfortably with the appropriate Canicross belt - If you like to practice Canicross with your dog and run over hill and dale, a high quality Canicross belt is indispensable. This is not just a waist belt, but an ingenious system that is easy to use, weighs a minimum and balances the tension optimally for you.

Canicross belt for comfortable running

A Canicross belt can have different looks. It is important that you don't get strained or constricted when you run. Your dog and you are connected by a towline which is stretched most of the time. This way you feel each other and you can't stumble over the leash either. If you run, your dog will automatically pull you along, because he will always be faster than you. This means that your Canicross belt must support and accommodate this tension so that you are comfortable even during a fast run. By the way: Your dog will of course also receive a good pulling harness, so that he has no pressure on his neck or back.

Canicross belt and Panic Snap as ideal combination

For each Canicross belt there is also a small, light addition: the Panic Snap. This allows you to detach from the towline in fractions of a second and avoid a fall in the event of a stumble. The loop is hooked into the ring of the Panic Snap and slides easily away as soon as you use the release rope. This is required in most competitions.