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Canicross Equipment
Canicross is a great opportunity for you and your dog if the usual walks have become boring. In short, it is a cross, in which you are connected with your dog by a harness and a tug. During leisure time, you can explore rough terrain and forest roads, but there are also competitive events where you have to pass along a predetermined course.

Canicross equipment during the cross-country race

This sport is still relatively young, the first events took place in the 1980s. If you want to try how well you and your dog work as a team and even want to improve your relationship, you only need the right Canicross equipment. Investments for this sport are small: You need a waist belt for you, a harness similar to those dog sled races, and a traction cable that connects the two of you. The rope is should be about two meters long and needs to have a shock absorber to alleviate sudden jerks. This makes running for you and the four-legged friend much more pleasant. While your dog is used to freely choose his position before, behind or beside you in a standard walk, it is necessary for this sport that the dog stays only in front of you. The line must be tightened, otherwise you risk to trip over it.

Canicross keeps you fit

Many dogs love to exhaust themselves when running. While you might collapse after running ten kilometers in an hour, your companion does this speed in a loose trot. However, this should be no reason for you not to try this sport. If you run as a team and the leash is held tight, you profit from the force with which your dog pulls you. Slowly but surely, you both will be faster and fitter. In a competition you can start either alone with your dog or in a group. Whatever you choose depends on your personal preferences, but also on the compatibility of your four-legged friend with others. While there are no separate classes in dogs, people are divided by age and sex. Small dogs can take part as well as large - the main thing is that you have fun.

Easy on the joints

Only use high quality sports harnesses for your dog. The burden is thus very well distributed, so that the dog's chest is not constricted. In order to protect the joints, in the forest or other soft ground, consider your own joints as well! Good running shoes that are adapted to your stride you may find in specialist sports shops. Running over hill and dale, your trail shoes should have a rough profile so you can keep up with the pace of your dog. We will be happy to advise you and put together your individual Canicross equipment!