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Tow Lines for Bikejor

Bikejoring Tow Lines for dogs
Tow lines for bikejoring: They can withstand anything! I'm sure you've seen dogs running by a bike before. Maybe you've already tried it yourself. But if you're dreaming of more speed, you should try bikejoring. Pure action is the key here. The right equipment, including the tow lines, is available from us.

How bikejoring was born

The sport originated from the dog pulling sport with skis or sledges. Fortunately, you can practice the still quite young sport of bikejoring almost all year round. The only requirement is that the temperatures are not too high. A good bicycle is one of the basic elements. You can take a mountain bike, but a stable touring bike or city bike will do for the start.

The tow line must be robust

The tow line connects the bike with your dog. It has to withstand a lot. It is attached to the harness of the dog, the other end is best routed through a bike antenna at the head tube of your bike. (A bike antenna keeps the tow line at safe distance and prevents it from getting entangled in the front wheel or dragging on the ground). We offer tow lines for one as well as two or three dogs, all of them have built-in shock absorbers so that every impact is cushioned. If your dog likes to run and pull, he will be enthusiastic about bikejoring.