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Bikejor Pulling Harnesses

Bikejoring Pulling Harnesses
The best pulling harnesses for Bikejoring - Bikejoring is a great sport that gives you and your four-legged friend lots of exercise, action and fun. The word "Kjøring" comes from Norway and stands for driving with a dog, especially from skijoring with a dog. The skier can be pulled by his dog. Also the sport with the bicycle came out of this Nordic variant as well as the sled dog sport. Surely you can imagine that your dog needs a very good harness so that you both can enjoy this fast-paced sport. You need a sturdy bike, a damped tow line with a length of 2.5 - 2.7 meters and a bike antenna, so that the line can't easily get caught in the front wheel of your bike.

Bikejoring harness with comfortable padding

The pulling harnesses are equipped with comfortable upholstery and completely relieve the neck and back of your favourite. All models are durable and easy to clean. The fact that your dog wears a harness does not mean that you are only allowed to be pulled from now on. You actively join in and your four-legged friend runs ahead. Bikejoring is a sport for which you both need your full concentration. Your four-legged friend must also listen to you very carefully, you both need a great relationship of trust. If you are new to this sled dog sport and don't want to start with Bikejoring, start with Canicross. Here too, a good pulling harness is the first choice. With all of our models, you can be sure that the pull is evenly distributed and directed backwards through the sides. The shoulders remain flexible and the chest can breathe deeply.

Pulling Harness Selection for Bikejoring

You see: A good pulling harness is the basis for every action you want to do with your four-legged friend. We offer you various models from well-known companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.