Bikejor Panic Snap very resistant, but extremely light

Bikejoring Panic Snap
Bikejoring is a fast-paced dog sport that you can do with your dog at almost any time of the year. There are even competitions for it. Whether you are out and about alone with your sweetheart or taking part in such a race, the Panic Snap should always be with you. He's your insurance in emergencies.

A must in competition: the Panic Snap

Imagine that the race is not going as expected: your dogs are excited and moving in different directions; the dogs have become entangled in the bushes despite all caution; or your bike is in danger of tipping over and you risk falling. In all these cases the Panic Snap is necessary to disconnect you quickly from your team. This applies to just one pulling dog as well as to two or three dogs. You pull the release rope and within a second you're free.

The Bikejoring Panic Snap should be durable and lightweight

The Panic Snap is very resistant, but extremely light. The installation is very simple. You place the belt around the front tube and pull the snap through the bike slip. The release rope is long enough to be placed over the handlebars. So you always have them within reach when biking.

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