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Bikejor Neckline for two dogs

Bikejoring Neckline for dogs
On the right track with our neckline! Bikejoring is a great sport. You can practice it with one or more dogs. But then they should stay on track. To align two dogs equally, it is best to use a stable neckline. It offers your sweethearts enough space to run, but makes sure that they both run in the same direction.

For a secure side-by-side ride

Your dogs have to learn the sport first, just like you. They like to pull your bike, but if they are not connected to each other, the two dogs may run to the right and left. This can lead to chaos or, in the worst case, even a fall. The approx. 30 centimetre long neckline is simply latched onto the collars. Your dogs get good mushing harnesses to which the joring lines are attached, and wide collars so that you can attach these short lead between the dogs. In this way, they remain side by side and also constantly at the same speed.

The neckline should be light and robust

The dog pulling sport is about weights as well. Our neckline only weighs 50 grams and your dogs will not even feel it. And you have much better control over both dogs. Soon you will all enjoy biking even more.