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Bikejor Helmets for more safety

Bikejoring Helmets
Bikejoring only with helmet for more safety - high speed is the main characteristic of bikejoring. Therefore, you should never do this sport without a helmet. Imagine the tempo when your dog runs in front and you pedal your bike. Joring is pure action, so you should protect yourself in case of a fall.

Helmet and Panic Snap go well together

Another protection is the Panic Snap. This makes it easy for you to disconnect from your dog in critical situations. If you want to participate in bikejoring competitions, this quick helper and the helmet are even mandatory.

A helmet is part of the basic equipment

This sport with bike can also be practiced with two dogs. With the perfect equipment you will experience a great activity. This includes very good dog harnesses, which you can also find in our shop. They allow the dogs to breathe free and do not hinder them. The tensile forces are deflected laterally and relieve the neck and back of your beloved. There are connecting leashes from the bike to the dogs, and another short leash between the two dogs to keep both on track. Of course, trust between you is just as important. So don't forget your helmet and off you go!