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Bikejoring Bikeantennas for more safety during dog sport

Bikejoring Bikeantenna for dogs
Bikeantennas for more safety during dog sport - Bikejoring is the name of the still quite young trend in the dog joring sport. It is a further development of the sledge sport and perfectly suitable for our latitudes. If you own a good bike, for example a mountain bike, and have as much fun as your dog, this dog joring sport is just right for both of you. We have a few tips for you on the subject of safety, especially regarding the bikejoring antenna.

Purchasing a bike antenna

Get a bike antenna for dogs. It is easy to attach and an important tool in this rather fast-paced activity. With such a bikejoring antenna as a precaution you are both safer on the way. Bike antennas are available in different designs and suitable for various types of bikes or scooters. Depending on the model, it is mounted in the middle of the handlebar or on the head tube between handlebar and front wheel and functions like a guide rail: it holds the leash above the ground before it lowers towards the dog. Even when you stand, the line does not drag on the ground. This way you don't accidentally drive over it, because otherwise it gets entangled in the front wheel and you fall in the worst case. The bike antenna for dogs is therefore one of the most important elements.

A bikejoring antenna for additional safety in dog sports

A bike antenna for dogs thus functions as a line guide and always ensures the necessary distance between leash and front wheel. Almost all models are flexible within a certain range and can move with your dog in case he unexpectedly stops to sniff or turns in the wrong direction. Incidentally, there is a bike antenna with a KlickFix mechanism for quick attachment and detachment. Buying a detachable bikejoring antenna is a good idea if you often use your bike for normal rides in addition to the bikejoring. All bikejoring antennas you can buy from us have been extensively tested and withstand really wild tours.