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High-quality dog food for your dog’s health

What should I feed my dog? As a dog owner, you have kept yourself busy with this topic, at least for once. The one who loves their dog, wants nothing but their dog’s best. Our four-legged fellows need high-quality dog food to stay healthy and vivacious. A well-balanced mixture of meat and/or fish and valuable vegetables, herbs, rice or potatoes satiate and keep your pet content. Occasionally, you can add some chewing snacks and treats as a reward for training, for instance.

Adapted to all dogs

Your puppy grows best, if you feed them the right dog food. Alongside a common selection, we also offer different types of gluten-free and grain-free dog food for allergic dogs and easily digested dog food for sick pets and dogs with digestion trouble. Occasional chewing snacks take care of your dog’s dental care. They are available in different sizes, so that small and big dogs will likewisely benefit from them. Moreover, we offer dog food in different package sizes. Our dog food without colorants, flavorings and preservatives is made in Germany.

Dog food is a matter of taste, too

Ready meals and products made of pure meat should be well-balanced. Some four-legged fellows will decide for themselves, what tastes good to them. Sometimes a veterinary prescribes an exclusion diet. Offer your pet different kinds of dog food. Your dog needs a balanced diet. This way, they will get extra meat or fish on the one side and carbs on the other side. Our dog food contains all essential vitamins and minerals, they build the body. We only have high-quality foods in stock, this way we make sure your darling is optimally fed. We only process raw ingredients of food quality. The meat is always freshly slaughtered.

Steady rewards

Take always some chewing snacks and treats with you for rewarding, whenever you are going out to start your outdoor training. It is easier to teach your dog new tricks and exercises, if you reward them instantly, whenever they do well. After an exhausting day, your four-legged friend can look forward to a small prize.

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