High-quality Joring Set by Ruffwear

Ruffwear Joring Set
Joring is the general term for sled dog sports. We have a high-quality Ruffwear joring set in stock to keep your dog and you feel comfortable. It includes three pieces and connects you and your four-legged friend in a perfect way. Your friend goes ahead, you run after him – this kind of behavior is exhausting, if your dog runs without a leash; alongside a leash it can be great fun.

Perfect Ruffwear joring set for jogging with your dog

Your pet is always faster than you, but an efficient Ruffwear joring set helps you increase your speed, since your dog’s traction does the additional work. The traction should optimally spread, so that the both of you will not get hurt. While doing intense sports, you should always focus on using high-quality equipment. The Ruffwear joring set provides you with these advantages.

Custom settings

The dog should wear an adjustable harness. It fits his body and prevents him from breaking out. Lungs and neck stay free, the traction gets deflected to his body sides. Ruffwear’s dog sports abdominal belts go easy on your back because they work the same way. The longer leash includes a cushion that absorbs the traction. The Ruffwear joring set is the perfect solution for you and your dog.

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