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Ruffwear dog safety vests

Ruffwear Dog Safety Vests
Ruffwear safety vests prove to be clearly visible, they protect your darling pet in the dark. Especially dark dogs will be hardly visible on the road or in the forest, as soon as dusk has broken. The jacket’s signal colors make sure that car drivers and others will always be able to see the dog.

Ruffwear has different safety jackets available

The classic jacket is available in fitting sizes for each dog. It features a perfect fitting and will not restrain your dog from hunting and frolicking. The sturdy material keeps your dog warm in the rain and keeps their back dry. The Ruffwear flashlight The Beacon can be attached to the added loop. The beacon is able to flash in different intervals or can be used as a steady light. We also recommend it for bipeds, no matter, if pupil or adult, as it provides you with extra security.

Ruffwear safety vests: all-round protection for your dog

The life jacket is another Ruffwear safety vest. Dogs love to swim, but they do not keep up for long. It is better to equip them with a fitting swimming vest; thus they can safely jump into the water to play. The jacket keeps your pet above the water surface, you can fetch him out of the water by using the integrated handle.

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