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Ruffwear dog life jackets

Ruffwear Dog Life Jackets
Ruffwear offers the perfect equipment for outdoor sports. No wonder that they also offer dog life jackets that protect your four-legged friend on the water. Most dogs can swim and love water but their swimming style is only suitable for shorter routes, it gets heavy for them in waters with bigger waves. If your dogs goes overboard – no matter, if by choice or accidentally -, the Ruffwear dog life jacket helps him stay on the surface of the water. The jacket is designed in signal colors. This way you can see your dog from a long distance.

Ruffwear life jacket for more safety

When you are playing go-fetch games by a calm seaside, your dog does not necessarily need a life jacket, unless he is generally anxious and only feels safe with a life jacket on. This way, you can more easily assure your dog of the possible fun given. But if you are on a boat, kayak or go on a ride with a stand-up paddle board, Ruffwear dog life jackets are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. They prove to be light and do not put a strain on your dog, as they offer him the perfect mobility. Furthermore, they possess a firm carrying handle on the back that helps you lift your dog into the boat again.