Ruffwear Dog Boots for sensitive paws

Ruffwear Dog Boots
Ruffwear dog boots support your dog in many situations. Dog paws are sensitive. Soon they get sore or might even get hurt by broken glass and other things your dog might step into. If you like to go on tour with your dog a lot, maybe even cross the wilderness, dog boots are a reasonable protection. That applies for all seasons.

Ruffwear dog boots protect your dog on all surfaces

Ruffwear has special boots for four-legged trekking fans available. The have a special grip and adhere to any surface. Winter boots reliably protect your dog from snow balls and de-icing salt. Ruffwear dog boots are also the perfect fit, if your dog has small injuries. This way, he can go for a short tour at least, while not having to suffer under the prevailing pain. At home, you should additionally put socks on your dog’s paws to protect the injured parts.

Ruffwear boots for a perfect fit

US manufacturers Ruffwear are famous for their innovations and for improving and updating their models on a regular basis. They make the perfect match for almost all kinds of paws. Some of them have strip fasteners and stay firmly on the dog’s feet. They are available in different sizes. You can measure the size by positioning your dog’s paws on a piece of paper and marking the width of the paw. Subsequently, you measure the distance between the lines and order the fitting Ruffwear dog boots.

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