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Non-Stop Dogwear Bike Antenna keeps you safe

Non-Stop Dogwear Bike Antenna
Bike antennas are a necessary safety backup for you and your dog, when it comes to taking cycling tours alongside your dog. Purchasing a bike antenna becomes an important investment that pays off well. The antenna keeps you from falling in the first place, as the leash connecting your bike with your dog tends to get loose. Sometimes dogs do not keep their speed and become slower than the speed of your bike which causes you to stop. A loose leash gets easily dragged to the wheels of your bike and gets tangled up. If you have not already fallen you will at least be forced to dismount from the bike.

Flexible and elastic material

Non-Stop Dogwear Bike Antennas help you keep a distance between your bike and the dog leash. This way you can enjoy easygoing fun times with your dog. Every model has its own advantages. You will find elastic models that perfectly fit your dog’s movements. They will not break due to jerky changeover. Within our range you can also find a bike antenna that can be taken off via KlickFix. This antenna is a perfect fit for cyclers that use their bike not only alongside their dog.

Feel free to contact us, if you have further enquiries about our Non-Stop Dogwear bike antennas.