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MeatLove high-quality dog food

MeatLove Dog Food order now at Woofshack UK
MeatLove Dog Food order now at Woofshack UK
MeatLove dog food is the perfect supplement to our high-quality dog equipment. MeatLove composes unique dog menus and offers canned food, products made from pure beef, food supplement and snacks.

Species-appropriate food

To feed your dog with the best food only, as for now, we have dog food of MeatLove in stock. The basic principle is a simple one: a dog is related to the wolf; thus, they need species-appropriate food. Regular dog food often contains ingredients we do not want it to have. You will not find any ingredients in MeatLove dog food that do not belong there: no colorants, flavorings, slaughterhouse waste, preservatives and other ingredients. In exchange, MeatLove offers 80-100 % pure meat, you can choose between duck, horse, lamb, beef or chicken. We are convinced that your four-legged friend will tolerate MeatLove dog food as well as our own dogs do. Our range includes also special compositions for allergic dogs and dogs with food intolerances.

MeatLove dog food for all dogs

If you like to pamper your (healthy) dog with this canned food, these menus, yummy bones and snacks, you will have a lot of fun with them: their fur will shine, their muscles, bones and sinews will be strong and stable. Your dog will be vivacious, attentive and well-performing. We do not promise you dog heaven, but MeatLove stands for regional and healthy products in food quality. You cannot possibly feed him any better.

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