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Premium Dog Harnesses by Grossenbacher

Grossenbacher Dog Harnesses order now at Woofshack UK
Grossenbacher Dog Harnesses order now at Woofshack UK
Grossenbacher has premium dog harnesses available for any kind of use. Adjustable harnesses that grow along with your puppy and special designs for four-legged jogging partners are only two examples of our pleasing and innovative designs. Additionally, an excellent fit and sturdy materials support interaction between dogs and their masters or mistresses.

Very comfortable to wear

Dogs should not only be led, they should feel comfortable in the process. So, special attention needs to be paid to providing softness in the breastbone area. Special rings on the back of the harness allow the leash's snap hook to be connected at different points, allowing the dog more or less freedom while being led. Grossenbacher dog harnesses are also designed so that the animal does not have breathing problems when there is strain on the line. The harness can also be used as a back strap, without a leash.

Strong, light and perfectly tailored

The lightness of the harness allows your four-legged friend to have great freedom of movement. Dog owners always have the opportunity to make special requests. At Grossenbacher, we believe that the system must be tailored to the dog's individual build. At the same time, the best possible results are achieved when harnesses can be made and fitted at our own premises or when other goods can be thoroughly and intensively tested. Some of the results have been, for example, extra long dog harnesses which prevent chafing at the elbows.