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Does your dog love action? Do both of you like to spend a long time outdoors, in the nature? That's great! You've come to the right place - to our online store. Now you can choose from a wide selection of different equipment for you and for your four-legged friend.

Equipment for dog harness activities

If you have a strong and robust dog, harness activities might be the right sport for you and your pet. Harness activities - like dog sled racing - came to us originally from Scandinavia. In recent years dog harness activities have been valued also in other countries and became very popular.

We recommend especially:

Bikejoring ▷ This sport is the perfect choice for people who like to ride a bike.

Dog Scootering ▷ On the scooter, with the dog on your side is the best option for those whose passion is speed.

Skijoring ▷ The Skijoring is the ideal sport for the winter when the snow falls and the roads are white.

Mountainboard Joring ▷ The Mountainboard Joring is the perfect choice for sporty people in good physical condition since it requires good concentration skills and highly trained sense of balance.

Canicross ▷ This sport is the best way for the habitual jogger to enjoy his activity together with his dog.

Dogtrekking ▷ The Dogtrekking is the most relaxing way to be active and close to nature together with your pet.

All this sport activities require from both - human as well as the dog - to work as a team. This way it can be perfectly used to strengthen the connection between you and your dog. The health benefit for human and pet is - of course - the additional advantage of their joint sports activity.

Dog equipment functional and sporty

Do you have a boat or are you often travel with your pet in a kayak? Then a life jacket for your dog may be of use. Especially when you are far from the shore or in rapidly flowing waters it is important for the safety of your pet to invest in special life jacket. In a hot summer, a cooling vest for the dog is highly recommended. In this way your pet can withstand the heat much easier and much longer. Do you need a new leash, a harness or collar for your dog? Many items are sporty and fashionable.