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Here is a brief presentation of our online shop:

Woofshack TeamWoofshack, founded by Conny & Roman, started its life on April 18, 2014 as an online seller in Austria and Germany. The guiding idea for this store was the love of sled dog sports. Access to this equipment should be simple and fast — with pictures and videos of the products in action. One should also be able to imagine real uses based on this. We often hear questions such as "What are you doing?", "What is Bikejoring?", and "Canicross — I've never heard of it???" Many questions came up any time we told anyone. Many dog owners know the urge to pull ;-) Detraining from sled sports is a constant process. Alternatively, one can allow the dog to pull in certain leashes. Here, your dog should pull. We think it is very positive, when one gives up pulling, that the dog is kept engaged. Indeed, sled sports are a huge topic and interest will keep growing in the coming years. New trend sports like Bikejoring, Dogscooting, Canicross, Skatejoring, Mountainboard Joring (=> especially funny ;-)) are spreading like wildfire. Regarding details such as when the dog may start pulling etc. — we do not go into details here — these can be found in the shop under the category "Sled sports," and everything is described in detail.

Dog Joring are a topic — and outdoor equipment is the other

Two themes that join perfectly — the extensive selection and testing process began with those products. This applies to each item of the ever-expanding Woofshack catalog. We live by the motto "Only the best is good enough for your four-legged friend!"

We constantly browse the net for you for novelties, to slowly expand the range and quality of our selection. Expansion is good, but not always necessary, because our highest priority is the availability of our items. If availability is guaranteed, we can score with a rapid delivery! In Austria, we achieve a next-day delivery rate of 98% for orders placed before 1:00 PM, and in Germany, 92%. This is reflected in customer satisfaction and in the reviews. Reviews are good, and your satisfaction is important to us. Therefore, we are working every day to constantly improve.

Which countries do we deliver to?

After Germany and Austria, Switzerland was added in spring 2015, followed by United Kingdom and other countries. As of today (October 2018), we already have clients in 31 countries.

Our introduction has already gone on for quite a few lines of our brief presentation, and we want to thank you for taking the time to read them. The entire Woofshack team is always available to answer your questions, requests, or suggestions! We look forward to serving you and your four-legged friend ;-)

We hope you enjoy shopping on very much!

Your Woofshack-Team